Thursday, April 06, 2006  

Not What You Thought.mp3

 Limboman - scentless . uncolored . noiseless (click to enlarge)
the noise of a dry tear
the purring of a tasteless boredom
the run away with soil level eyes

the rumour of your uncomfortableness
is a silence who rottens on feet

now i'm going to hang high and short
your whispered egos

click here for a teaser :
Limboman & basile - Not What You Thought.mp3

the same in french here
picture by BangBang

Wednesday, March 22, 2006  

The contempt's abandonment

 Limboman - The contempt's abandonment

your lack of respect is bitter
it has the bad taste and the hideousness of stupidity

your skin is the dead body of a decoy
it merely hides simpleton blinders

your prudishness is the crown of an obscene decor
it covers the vainglory of your servility

even the ogres vomit you

the same in french here
picture by BangBang

Tuesday, March 07, 2006  

In Bulgaria

 Limboman - in bulgaria (click to enlarge)
If the destination of my shelter
Is not the origin of my shell
Then I shall draw a straight line
At the surface of nowhere

The same in french Here
Picture by Bang Bang

Saturday, December 24, 2005  

Winter Evening

 Limboman - windy running out (click to enlarge)
one tells me one misses me
i do not hear anymore
i leave without a phrase

nothing to say without cruelty
even there the meretricious takes back its shovels
even there the paraphrase flings its blows

non-stop we should not remember the meaning
turning inside out the soil without ever seeing it
planting without even knowing after it will grow


letting oneself to the black and to the smooth
taking a trowel and throwing it back in the eyes
a good time for all to see if it stings

to speak to one's self has no sense
again here we wait behind the reaction
skipping lines without seeing the overhangs

in fact I'm hungry

thanks to Bang Bang for the picture

Friday, December 02, 2005  

the MP3 player

 Limboman's mp3 online player (click to open)

I added an mp3 player on the navigation bar (on the left side of the screen).

The playlist is always updated with my lasts songs. It contains also some early works composed with my brother Basile in 2004 (project named Needam).

There's also a song sang by the great Cali Rezo on which i improvised a musical arrangement the day i heard her voice on her website (and what a voice!).

Happy listening    :-)

Many thanks to Jeroen Wijering for coding such a neat player (applause!). This mp3 player needs the free Macromedia FlashPlayer to be installed on your computer. If it's not already you can install it in a few seconds by clicking here.

Friday, November 18, 2005  

Limboman - Limboman.mp3

 Limboman in blue (click to enlarge) I could try to break and you could try to see the way you take me through

Baby you could see the way you take me to the way until you came

On me

Gosh you know I'm just a limboman and as you know I've been looking at you the day you threw me out

I could try to break

And as usual I'm waking up and as usual I can't believe and as usual this is for real

This is for real

thanks to Claire Albaret for the picture

Saturday, October 22, 2005  


 Limboman - The apprentice is a green bean if i have to be sad
if i got to be bad
even if it hurts
i don't want to blame you

but please get out

out in an empty shell
i'll be glad on my own
i will not be alone
out without you

so please get out

before you talk
see i'm so small
how can i hear you
i died a thousand years

please get out

and i confess
i miss you
and i confess
i'm not alone without you

get out
teach me

thanks to Claire Albaret for the picture

Tuesday, August 30, 2005  

Mayhem Times (d i version rem i x )

 Mayhem is a fluted diversion, it's like a sunny misfired gunshot in the rain. (Limboman does read Bang Bang)

a new and soft
dive r s i on
of the song is here.
(click to hear the wind)

thanks to Bang Bang for the picture

Sunday, August 21, 2005  

Mayhem 04.001 Extended Mix.mp3

 Limboman - Mayhem Extended
the more the better.
i've made an eXTendED cLUb rReMiX of Mayhem using Limboman's world exclusive bongabongo(tm) mastering shaper(tm).
listen to it loud here -> Limboman - Mayhem 04.001.mp3

le plus le mieux.
j'ai fait un eXTendED cLUb rReMiX de Mayhem en utilisant l'exclusivité mondiale de Limboman, le bongabongo(tm) mastering shaper(tm).
écoutez ça fort ici -> Limboman - Mayhem 04.001.mp3

Thursday, August 18, 2005  

Mayhem 01.006 b14.mp3

 Limboman - Mayhem 106b14 i made a new song. everything is played: Mayhem 01.006 b14

it always begins by a pure hard-boiled interest
then comes the chemical cycle known as
approbation of a known scheme. or recognition.
and this scheme leads to a real positive patience
the one of the half-at-full glass of red wine.
which finally leads us to the by-the-all-awaited incredible thing but wait!
an incredibla thAngA!

what could be the interest of approving the waiting of tha incredibla thanga?

the same, elsewhere, in music.

j'ai fait une nouvelle chanson. tout est joué: Mayhem 01.006 b14

intérêt pur et dur
approbation d'un schéma connu donc
attente positive du verre à moitié plein jusqu'à
l'attente d'un truc incroyable et là pan!
un truc incroyable!

quel est l'intérêt d'approuver l'attente d'un truc incroyable?

le même, ailleurs, en musique.

Thursday, July 28, 2005  

the leveller / le nivelleur

 Limboman plays music Limboman plays music

at each new big branded idea
i have Rome as yesterday
who reminds me that: no beginning?
no doing. no doing-doing.

at each new utopic project
i possess Rome as soon as yesterday
who's sight reminds me that doing
begins with a start.

anystarts. at least one.

i always forget that doing
begins with a start.

no doing when i have Rome as yesterday

à chaque grand projet
j'ai Rome dès hier
qui me rappelle que sans départ
point de faire

à chaque nouvelle utopie
je possède Rome aussitôt qu'hier
sa vue me rappelle que faire
ça commence par un début.

n'importe quel début. au moins un.

j'oublie tout le temps que faire
commence par un début.

point de faire quand j'ai Rome dès hier

(ça rime un mail: jérôme.dès-hier "au" départ.point.faire
it rhymes a mail: iverome.assoonas-yesterday "at"


NothingToPray.mp3 (falsely happy)

 Limboman - Nothing To Pray (mp3)
such a faint full of glamour
such a hippy crappy crowd
No Way
today is such a rainy day
today there's nothing to pray

i've made a new song to download. everything is played here:
Limboman - NothingToPray01.019.mp3

There's nothing to pray
There's nothing to see

Today is such a rainy day
There's nothing to pray
I can't help I drown in his shrouds
I'm like a clown in the clouds

I wake up in the morning rain
There's nothing to pray
I wake up in the morning rain
I give a glance to my castle in Spain

Today is such a rainy day
Today there's nothing to pray

There's nothing to know
There's nothing to see
There's nothing in
I missed again

(many thanks to Bang-Bang for her great picture)

Sunday, July 24, 2005  

Dien Bien Phu.mp3 (YourSolitude02.017)

 Limboman - Your Solitude (bigger picture here)
No Future

i'm punk. whithout doing faces.
the idea is: what's important is not techniques
but the energy and the honesty. now.

i've made a new song. everything is played:
Limboman - Dien Bien Phu (YourSolitude02.017.mp3)

I've seen you down, down again
All alone lonely, n a lie

No I can't stand the way you take me out

I can try to take the world on me
I can try to save what's on my mind
But I can't help

Tonight I feel you so sad again
I could cry because I understand
Should I could I tell me who was close enough
When you did tell the world your solitude

Thursday, June 23, 2005  

one's innocence

she wanted to be the
girl nextdoor

then she said
she looks out of date

she used to say
she's not a christmas cake

she used to say
she doesn't want to be a christmas cake

she doesn't want to be
out of date

she used to say she's also sad
she used to say she's also sad yeah
she used to say she's also sad

anyhow she now
shall be

anyway she now
might be

i hope she never learned
how to redo her lights
i hope she never lost
one's innocence

Sunday, June 19, 2005  


Hey Mary, are you sure it's mine?
- Yeah... believe me... you can drink to it



It's spooky
It's very spooky

Listening to words written
Four hundred years ago
About our battlefields

Words about blood and grief

It's so spooky
If some must die
It is in a worthy cause

Now hundreds of thousands will die
(after Eisenhower's D-Day speech)

Friday, May 20, 2005  

garbage size

there's nothing to know!
there's nothing to see!
there's nothing in! I missed again...
i hitted a faked wall

Saturday, April 09, 2005  

i'm a clown in the clouds

today is such a rainy day
there's nothing to pray
i wake up in the morning rain
give a glance to my castle in spain

i can't help i drown in his shrouds
i'm like a clown in the clouds
i'm the happiest billionaire today
so i won't escape this suicide squeeze play

i'm down in the clouds
i'm down like a clown
falsely happy
falsely happy

Saturday, March 05, 2005  

unwanted wounds

I saw him spiting raven's hearts within his wounds
He died alive while a thousand deaths were ready to die
He killed himself alive, rattling confusions by hand

I saw, I heard, but crossed fingers on the wood aren't enough
But for bouncing in between his late voices
I heard mellow waters sliding out of his rain forests, saying:

Give my train a rest
Step out of the rails
Blood makes no sound

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